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OM Peace Foundation

The OM Peace Foundation is a portal into the Coming Destiny, the Golden Age of Gaia. This is a place that we have all wished to manifest here on Earth - a loving and joyful community of human beings sharing and co-operating together, living from the Heart, in balance with Nature.

The Foundation will implement numerous humanitarian projects as explained on this page.

The centre will have various programs and practical guides on how to prepare oneself for your own ascension into the Golden Age. It will be a Sanctuary for people who want to break free of limitations. The centre is non-religious and anybody with a sincere wish to be part of the Ascension, can join.

Contact Name: Ocean Melchizedek.

White Rose Gaia

White Rose Gaia is part of OM Peace foundation. It is co-ordinating many projects including distributing for free, Sacred Healing Water, The Bless the Water campaign and a plan to build a Yurt for iPhire sound healing, plus sacred grove activations (at the Sanctuary). These include the activation of a Peace Pole at the Sanctuary. It also sponsors Planetary Healers Yorkshire.

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